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wk4dq3 - this the only difference is that I had to use a...

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When I am faced with an unfamiliar word I just read the sentence again to see if I am able to figure out its meaning on my own. Secondly, I write it down then look up on an online dictionary to learn its meaning or if it has more than one meaning. Once I have done that I write down several different sentences using the word until I feel like I can use it in everyday conversation. My seventh grade teacher taught me how to do
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Unformatted text preview: this; the only difference is that I had to use a dictionary text book to find the definitions rather than using an online dictionary. I use this strategy on any given day when I run across a word that I am not familiar with. It helps me a lot because if I just read the definition without writing out sentences I will most likely forget the word by the end of the day unless the word really stands out to me....
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