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wk5dq3 - than others this keeps me organized to stay on top...

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I use different things to manage my time now that I am a college student. I also force myself to stay organized because I hate getting off of track. To do this I use a calendar. I have different calendars for specific things. I will use a calendar to manage all of my assignments and dates of importance for school, a calendar for my children’s’ school events, and one for personal things like doctor appointments and such. I make sure to identify the different things going on and know that some are more important
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Unformatted text preview: than others; this keeps me organized to stay on top of everything. Also to manage my time effectively I do certain things at different points of the day. If something for school is very important, I will do that during a time that I am alone and cannot be distracted, but if I am trying to accomplish something simple, it is easy to do with my family or friends around....
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