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Most of the time I do not procrastinate because I know that I have to get things done eventually so I try to get it done sooner than later and I find myself less stressed. There will be times when I do not feel like getting anything done so I put everything off until the last minute. When this happens I keep thinking about what I need to get done and then just do it. I always keep a list of things that need to be done or I keep them on my calendar and this helps me focus more on getting everything finished so I can check
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Unformatted text preview: off everything and leave myself with a feeling of accomplishment. When I read pages 21-24 of Chapter Two, I learned that there are a number of things people do to stop procrastinating. Some of these things include breaking big lobs into smaller steps so it feels like you do not have as much to do, give yourself a ‘reward’ after you finish like going to the movies or hanging out with friends, and remind yourself of the possible consequences that may occur if you do not finish your assignments or work....
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