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The first and foremost thing that I do to relieve stress is talk to my mother. Obviously because she is my mother we have been through a lot together and she gives my great advice about anything going on in my life, even if I am the one being lectured. She helps me get things off of my mind and keeps me motivated for the future. Using this to help me feel less stressed has definitely helped my get past my stress. I also have a bad habit of going outside and smoking a cigarette although I am trying to rid of this habit. I noticed that there are a number of things listed on page 300 in the
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Unformatted text preview: chapter, and none of them are things I have intentionally tried, but I know hat when I am stressed and a movie or one of my kids make me feel, I begin to feel so much better. It is true that laughter is medicine. To relieve stress I would definitely consider getting massages or practicing yoga because I know that both of these things are good for more than just reducing your stress amount. If I had to add anything to the list, I would recommend talking to someone about your problems because it really helps, especially if you are close to the person....
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