wk6dq3 - benefit to me as an adult going back to college....

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I have learned about myself that I can use my style of learning in many more ways than I thought. Originally I thought I was just best at learning something seeing it for what it is. After taking the VARK learning styles inventory I learned that not only do I use my sight to learn, but I also use my smell, taste, touch, hearing, and personal experience. This helps me as a college student and also an adult learner in more ways than one. Knowing now the different ways I can improve my studying and learning is a huge
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Unformatted text preview: benefit to me as an adult going back to college. The fact that I have not gone to school in nearly twenty years, I have forgotten all of my study tricks, and a lot about how I can work the best way for a good grade. This helps me because it allows me to know the best ways to learn and it also brings back a lot from when I was in school so I can work to my greatest potential....
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