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I learned from the Kolb Inventory of Learning Styles that I am a diverging learner. This basically means that I look at situations from every angle or viewpoint so I can see the full picture. It also states that someone who diverges is very good at brainstorming, is quite imaginative, people oriented, and sometimes has difficulty making decisions. I know that I am a diverger because I am and I do all of the things the chapter explains a diverger does. This helps me as a college student and as an adult learner because I
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Unformatted text preview: directly look at the things I am capable of, and I put them to my fullest when learning or completing something that needs to be finished such as an assignment for school or work. I think this can also help me because if I am working with a group of people I will know that I am good at brainstorming and other things, so it could be a big part of my job when working with a team....
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