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wk8dq4 - Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel This workshop...

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From the start of my college career I have taken three different student workshops. I have taken the New Student Orientation Workshop, the Student Technology for the Microsoft Office Workshop, and the Basic Essay Writing Workshop. They have all helped me in different ways. The New Student Orientation Workshop helped me in the obvious way of getting me acquainted with the classrooms, the library, and everything else that the website includes. The Student Technology for Microsoft Office Workshop helped me step by step how to use various things that Microsoft Office includes such as
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Unformatted text preview: Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. This workshop really helped me because I was unfamiliar with both of those tools; I had only used Microsoft Word in the past. Lastly, the Basic Essay Writing Workshop helped me in refreshing my memory on all of the basics of essay writing and how the best ways to write academically are. The workshops that I would like to take are Math and Statistics Workshops as well as the Basic Grammar Workshop....
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