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The Student Code of Academic Integrity means to me the respect for other students’ ideas as well as your instructors. To have the respect for our school by not plagiarizing or copying other students work. To be honest with ourselves, fellow students, and our professors. In my opinion the gravest threat to being an ethical student is presenting work that someone else prepared and claiming it to be your own work. I have real issues with people copying someone else’s work or having someone else do your work
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Unformatted text preview: and then to claim you did the work yourself. I have had a couple instances in high school where I worked extremely hard on a project or a paper, only to have someone else basically steal my ideas and claim the work as there own. Unfortunately, for me the work I did was A work. However, I could not turn my original work in and had to redo it and getting a lesser grade for it being turned in late. So copying is definitely the gravest threat to being an ethical student....
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