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To be technical, I do not have an actual ‘daily schedule.’ Usually I will wake up when my kids are getting ready for school and will make coffee for my husband before he goes to work. I will do my daily work depending on when my two year old son wakes up, or what I have going on during the day. If I set out a schedule I would most likely get off schedule at least twice a week because each day varies from the day before. My life is full of surprises because of my four kids and my ‘schedule’ could not be changed during the week because I pick up my kids from their bus stop or from school in the
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Unformatted text preview: afternoon. One thing I do to save time is starting my school work before my youngest son wakes up. I can get a lot done because he is not worried about me playing with him or wanting something to eat. If I am done before he wakes up it gives me more time during the day to clean the house, play with my son, run to the store, or anything else I need to get done. If I do not finish before he gets up I usually do not finish my work until later in the evening because of how hectic my life can get in as little as ten hours....
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