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Years of research have shown that hundreds of factors have the potential to influence health given behavior, either by encouraging or inhibiting the behavior to occur or from occurring. They have been put into three group factors. 1. Predisposing Factors 2. Enabling Factors 3. Reinforcing Factors Predisposing Factors that influence behavior are our life experiences, knowledge, cultural and ethnic heritage; these include demographic factors (age& gender) social structure (education & occupation) and Predisposing Factors That are not Amendable to Change. Genetic, sociodemographic and personality characteristics are also playing a role in predisposing to health related behavior. Most of them are not amendable through health education; they are treated as special subcategory of Predisposing Factors. Many people suffer from High Blood Pressure including myself. It can either be genetic (my case) or caused by a poor nutritional diet. Dealing with high blood pressure will be easier, knowing the
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