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Something to think about Wk5 - Although I was not expecting...

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Before I began my classes I expected it to be a lot of reading assignments. I knew there would be many challenges because it has been a long time since I have been in school, and I am also talking care of my four kids. I expected it to be slightly more challenging time wise; I thought I would never have time to focus when I needed to, but I have definitely gotten past that. The only other difference that I had with my experience up to this point in school and how I thought classes were going to be is all of the writing. I did not think that I would be writing as much as I am currently doing for my classes.
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Unformatted text preview: Although I was not expecting all of the writing, I am enjoying all of the practice I am getting with it because proper writing is essential for life. I also thought that there would be e variety of work rather than just writing essays. There is only one thing that has been quite stressful for me, knowing that I am doing all my replies and DQ’s necessary and finding that it still is not enough for this class. Overall, I am having a positive experience so far....
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