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Something to think about Wk6 - obviously help build a...

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I believe that it is important to be open-minded to others opinions or beliefs for many reasons. The first reason is that when you hear what other people think about something it will give you other points of view on the subject and you can decide what you really think on the subject. I think that it should not matter what other people think because it is their own opinion and you have no room to speak about what they think; nobody wants to be judged so you should not judge what others think. This will
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Unformatted text preview: obviously help build a healthy relationship because when your “other half” is stating their opinion you will be more open to what they have to say and it will not be as likely to end in an argument. If you are not open-minded to what other people think then whatever relationship you are in, whether it be a friendship or an intimate relationship, it will end badly because you are not able to agree or even consider with what the person is saying and that will cause a lot of fighting and arguments....
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