The 6 Key Dimensions for Optimum Health

The 6 Key Dimensions for Optimum Health - ability to...

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The 6 Key Dimensions for Optimum Health are: 1. Physical Health 2. Social Health 3. Emotional Health 4. Environmental Health 5. Spiritual Health 6. Intellectual Health Intellectual health refers to your ability to think and learn from life experiences and also be open minded toward new ideas. A person that has good intellectual health skills will be able to make decisions, set realistic yet challenging goals, and also be able to figure out how to handle a problem properly. The intellectual dimension of wellness relates to “what” and “how” you think, and also your
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Unformatted text preview: ability to rationalize situations to problem solve. Engaging your mind in creative and critical thinking is a must. A healthy mind needs mental stimulation. It needs a constant flow of new experiences and challenges to feed it new knowledge on a daily basis. This relates to your total wellness because without these abilities, you would function improperly....
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