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WhatIWantToChange - people how I am feeling emotionally...

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The biggest behavioral health I would like to change about myself is my emotional health. I have been through so many things in my life that have changed the way I can trust and love people. It is so much harder for me to do so because of past experiences. I have experienced a large self esteem drop because of my ex husband and other people that are involved with him. It is difficult for me, now, to show
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Unformatted text preview: people how I am feeling emotionally without it being an overreaction of some sort. My mother is most definitely my biggest support. She has been through a lot of the same things that I have, so she feels the need to motivate me in making my life better for me and my children. A short-term goal of mine is to do things with my body that are better physically so I will feel better about myself emotionally....
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