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Wk2D3 - consuming four hundred calories rather than one...

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The most important thing to look for when reading a Nutrition Label is the amount of each nutrient in the food. For example, many prepackaged foods claim to be Low Fat or Low Calorie, but they are filled with sodium. The serving size and amount of servings in the food is also extremely important. You could think the food you are eating is only one hundred calories, when there are actually four servings and each serving is one hundred calories, so if you are eating the entire package, you are
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Unformatted text preview: consuming four hundred calories rather than one hundred. You can also use a nutrition label to help limit things you want to cut back on and increase the things you want to consume more of. Health experts recommend that you intake a little Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, and Cholesterol as possible for a well balanced diet, and knowing how to read a nutrition label will help you intake less of the things you should not be in taking which will help your overall health and nutrition....
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