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One thing that I would do to motivate a friend or a relative is get a weekly walk or jog started. There are a lot of people who go out to eat once a week to stay in touch with one another. However, to keep ourselves active, we could walk our dogs’ together, ride bikes even rollerblade together instead of going out to eat. Start by making it a weekly event. Then we can eventually progress to twice a week, and work our way to five days a week. Whatever it takes to be healthy and help someone else I care about healthy. It
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Unformatted text preview: would also help to motivate me to be physically active more regularly. Another suggestion I would give is in your free time, instead of going to your local coffee shop and get coffee and read a book or magazine, or sit on your lap top. Go play a couple games of tennis with a friend or for a walk in the park, or along the beach. Take in the sights while being physically active....
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