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Just one in three adults are obese. There are several contributing factors to an individuals being or becoming obese. These factors include life style influences, eating high in fat and calorie foods, little to no physical activity, physiological influences, eating food to solve problems, eating food to relieve stress, family influences, parents that eat unhealthy that teach their children to eat poorly, genetic predisposition, and medical conditions. Depression and some neurological problems can interfere with your body’s ability to maintain a healthy weight. Unmanaged stress will result in food cravings that
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Unformatted text preview: are usually high in fat. Cultural, age, gender, and income influences are involved, less healthy foods, high in fat, and fast foods are purchased because they are cheaper tan healthier choices which are less in fat with better nutrition. A lot of people are stressed out at the end of their day and they will pick up a milkshake or a cheap burger to feel better before they go home, and eventually the fat adds up, making you obese or overweight ....
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