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wk5dq4 - than their nutrition.” This is telling us that...

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Obviously there are many factors that contribute to the global increase of obesity, but I found that the main factor is an energy imbalance. This means that people are in taking too many calories and getting little to no exercise. In chapter ten, Managing Your Weight, it states “Scientists distinguish hunger, an inborn psychological response to nutritional needs from appetite, a learned response to food that is tied to an emotional or psychological craving and is often unrelated to nutritional needs. Obese people may be more likely than are thin people to satisfy their appetite and eat for reasons other
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Unformatted text preview: than their nutrition.” This is telling us that we tell our bodies that we are hungry when we are actually not, and we eat for a number of reasons. We eat because we are stressed and trying to get our mind off of things, because we are bored, and even because there is just food right in front of us and it looks good. People use excuses as to why they do not exercise which is a big part in our ‘energy imbalance.’ We eat too much, and do not give our bodies the exercise it needs to burn the calorie and fat intake....
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