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wk6dq2 - me study or learn something new For example I can...

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After reviewing the tutorial I realized that from the entire thing, I did not really learn anything that I did not already know, it basically just proved what type of learner that I am. My results from this assessment were that I am a kinesthetic learner, meaning that I learn the best from all of my senses and actually experiencing what I am trying to learn. To improve my and enhance my strengths I can directly use my way of learning to help
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Unformatted text preview: me study or learn something new. For example, I can add real life situations to my notes when I am taking them, and I can go out and do what I am learning or just try applying it to daily life. I can also have my friends help my directly do something that I am trying to learn because they may know how to do it as well....
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