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wk6dq3 - may be which can lead to a very unhealthy...

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Personally, I think that every bit of support possible is expected when in a relationship. You are with them on an emotional level that you are not on with any ordinary person, and if they really care about you, they will support you no matter what. If there were a situation that lead to you doing something bad I would expect them to give you all of their support getting you out of the situation. If your relationship is not supported by the other person you will probably have problems because you will constantly be disagreeing on everything or fighting because of how unsupportive they
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Unformatted text preview: may be, which can lead to a very unhealthy relationship. On a different outlook, I expect the person that you have a professional relationship will help and support you achieve all of the expected things for your job. They are there to help you so they should support your ideas or help you find the best direction to go. Without support from the people you are working with in a professional setting, everything would most likely crash and burn....
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