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There are several types of drug abuse treatment programs. There are short term, which last six months or less and long term treatment programs. Long term treatment can include methadone maintenance out patient treatment for opiate (heroin) addicts and residential treatment (in house) treatment. Addicts who stay in treatment for longer than three months are more likely to stay clean and sober, then someone who stays in treatment less then three months. The out patient treatment does not include medication therapy, and includes a wide variety of programs if you visit the treatment
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Unformatted text preview: center on a regular basis. There are Therapeutic communities; patients stay at a treatment facility for six months to twelve months, and are very structured. Addicts who stay at one of these types of facilities usually have a long history of drug abuse and have been involved in serious criminal activities. Short term residential programs involve a three to six week inpatient treatment, followed by an extensive out patient program including the twelve step program. The goal of all programs is to have a drug free and criminal free lifestyle....
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