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Media week 1 dq1 Week One DQ 1Post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply:In the video this week, Arizona Republic film critic Bill Goodykoontz talks about the importance or critical thinking in reviewing film and television. From that, what is the value of seeing films and shows as a shared experience?-- Patricia MadiganFacultyUniversity of [email protected]@mindspring.com972 517-1343 (central time zone) I always enjoy a good movie with my family. I agree with Bill, there is nothing like sharing the experience of a movie or television show with another person. When I go to the movies by myself, my reaction to the movie is nothing like if I was sharing the experience with another. If you notice, when you go to a comedy by yourself, or are watching a comedy at home by yourself, you will not laugh as hard as if you had someone there with you. When you attend a comedy together with family or your friends, and it is actually funny, you will laugh twice as hard. Why is this? Drawing other
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Unformatted text preview: people's reactions to a television show or movie will bring out your reaction more. Also, some people do not like it, if you are watching a movie with friends; you will critique the movie a lot more. You will make comments like, "That would never happen", or "Yeah, right", or just simply "What? That's insane". Most every time you leave a theater you will be talking about the movie. You will find yourself critiquing every scene. You will talk about everything from the actors to the special effects. Another thing I found interesting is when you find a show you really enjoy, you tell your friend that they need to come over and watch an episode with you. You want so badly for them to like it as much as you do. It is much more valuable to share the experience of the movie theater or a new television show with people who have opinions and like to discuss the film on many levels, than by yourself....
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