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When I am deprived of the internet, it is like the end of the world. The internet is similar to being on life support; if I do not have he internet, I feel as if I will simply not survive. You do not realize how dependent you have become on the internet until you no longer have it. The internet is my gateway to an abundance of information and knowledge, not to mention it keeps me in contact with my family and friends. I often use the internet to get different recipes for dinners and if I did not have access to the internet I would either have to go to the library and search through a various amount of cook books; or I would have to go to the book store and purchase several different cook books just so I can have a variety of meals for the week or month. Also, I use the internet to do research for my school papers, if I had to go to the library it would take hours to gather all the information that was needed to complete my work. I just do not see being able to go through life these days without the use of the internet. I found an interesting article on
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Unformatted text preview: the percentages of what people use the internet for on a day to day basis. “A new study by Pew Internet & American Life Project says that 88 percent of Americans consider the Internet an important part of their daily lives, and nearly 66 percent of those surveyed said they're more frequently able to participate in favorite activities because they can do them online. Some interesting factoids: 87 percent of Web surfers who need maps get them online; 79 percent of people who communicate regularly with family and friends do so online; 55 percent of users who buy sporting and entertainment tickets do so online; and 44 percent of users who do banking engage in online banking activities. Is the online experience perfect? Of course not; but if the study is any indication, our habits aren't so much being shaped by the availability of the Internet as they are being made more efficient where it makes sense. And that, as Martha Stewart would surely agree, is a good thing....
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