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Wk3DQ1 - Smartphone or Iphone The visual affects may be...

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The availability of movies have changed drastically and evolved tremendously over the last century. There are shows that are created strictly for the web and there are things increasingly made just for Smartphones. For some people they do not want to pay the outrageous cable or satellite bill, or if they miss one of their favorite shows; People now have the opportunity to go online and watch what they have missed or find something new to watch. A friend of mine likes to download movies before they even come out on DVD or in the theaters. I find that to be quite a break through with today’s technology. Unlike Bill Goodykoontz, I personally do not think I could watch movies on a
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Unformatted text preview: Smartphone or Iphone. The visual affects may be okay for some, but I believe it would give me a headache staring at such a small screen. I am up to trying it of course; I do not want to knock it down especially since I have not yet tried it. I do like to watch movies at home with my family it is quite relaxing and I am able to rewind it if I miss anything. I also like to go to the theater with both my friends and family, the only downfall to that is if someone needs to go to the restroom, you have to explain to them the part of the movie they had missed and in return you miss part of the movie because you are explaining to them about the movie and what they have missed....
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