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I have watched movies on a portable DVD player. When my family and I travel, it is a necessity to have it along. Having many (six) children it tends to make the traveling process a little more calm. I do not mind watching movies on the portable DVD. However, I do get a headache after watching it for any length of time. The sound quality is great; we have the sound come through our speakers in the vehicle so it almost sounds as if you were sitting in a movie theater except for the small movie screen. I
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Unformatted text preview: have also watched trailers of movies on my laptop as well as my desk top. I do not necessarily think that it affected my ability to share the experience with others. My kids enjoy finding clips on YouTube and are constantly having me watch them, some are very amusing. I have sat with my children at my desk and laughed for hours from the things they find. It can be a great experience sharing these experiences with others....
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