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Wk3DQ3 - those shows was to push someone out of the door...

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As a child I did not watch much television, I enjoyed being outside playing as much as I possibly could. However, there were a couple shows I liked to watch with my mother. One was “What’s Happening” and the other was “Mork and Mindy.” I think they were good shows to watch, there was some dry humor in them, but nothing like what we see on television shows today. There was not any foul language or any violence for that matter. From what I can remember the most violent thing they showed on either of
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Unformatted text preview: those shows, was to push someone out of the door. There has been a significant change in television and in movies in the past half a century. From nudity, language, and violence; the movies and television shows are not really made for children or young adults even, a lot of shows are not appropriate. The children’s movies these days have innuendos of sex and cussing and they are quite violent. The special effects are amazing these days, movies are more life like then they were in the past....
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