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Personally I prefer to experience movies, music, books, art, and whatever else is out there to experience on my own. I do not need to hear what everyone is saying about it good or bad, to want to have the experience on my own. I can see how it may be important for the director, producer, musician, author, or even a chef may want to hear what a critic might have to say about their performance or whatever it may be, only so they can either try to do a better job in the future, or
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Unformatted text preview: to counter act against the poor criticism. No two people have the same opinions and appreciations. One who critiques a movie making it sound like it is the worst movie of all time and another critic does just the opposite making the movie sound amazing and a must see. Irregardless of what a critic has to say about a certain something, I prefer to watch or listen and form my own opinion on whatever it is....
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