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After reviewing Bill Goodykoontz video this week, I would have to say that it is rather important to stay true to your own reactions and experiences when evaluating art, such as music, movies, theater, and many other things as well such as your life experiences. It is difficult to do this at times for a few reasons, but one reason that really sticks out to me is that people like to be in the ”in crowd” so to speak, and want to try and like and enjoy what others do to make them happy whether you care for what ever it is or not. I personally do not care
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Unformatted text preview: what others think about what I like or dislike. It would be nice to always have the same likes or dislikes but if that were the case, life could become very boring. I do not try to persuade some one to like or dislike a movie or music or anything else just because I like or dislike it. I may however share my thoughts and opinions on something, but in know way will I try to make someone have my same feelings....
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