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After reviewing this week’s video with Bill Goodykoontz, I would have to agree and disagree with his opinion that the best of films and television reflect today’s society. I agree that we need to be part of society, however I do not believe that just going to a movie is actually partaking in today’s society. Being a part of society is much bigger than that. If you want to be a part of society, first of all you need to work in your community whether it is just a regular job or a career. Also, someone should take time and volunteer, either at your local food bank, the animal shelter, or a school. I believe that is being part of today’s society. You are giving to your community and trying to help
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Unformatted text preview: other’s in need. Going to your local movie theater is helping them stay in business and keeping jobs for actors, but it is not in my opinion a way to be part of today’s society. Bill Goodykoontz states that films “come from somebody, a filmmaker’s personal experience from his personal life view any of that kind of thing.” I do not agree with that either, some films may be from someone’s personal experiences; if you take Spiderman, Transformers, Star Trek, and many others, they do not reflect todays society nor do they come from personal experience, it is what we use to call imagination....
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