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I do not play video games such as Nintendo, X-box, Playstation, or any other video games. However, I do play cribbage, spades, and backgammon on my computer. I do not like video games, I believe that they are to violent and have to much sexual content and poor language, and I do not like to subject myself to that type of “entertainment” I play the computer games because I like cards and backgammon and my husband does not like to play, or he just does not know how. My children would rather play video games then play those games with me. Although they do enjoy playing scrabble, Uno,
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Unformatted text preview: Go Fish and Monopoly with myself and my husband. I do not believe video games have a positive effect on any one. I do however think that the educational electronic games can have a positive effect on young children; they help the children with reading and math, colors and shapes. Those types of games are beneficial to children. Also I believe that the elderly should play games on the computer because it keeps their minds busy and active which helps with not getting dementia or Alzheimer’s....
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