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The media sources that I use when I do actually watch the news is our local News station. Also at times I will read what is on my home page of the Internet if I find something interesting. However, I try not to get to involved with watching news because it is very depressing and at times frightening. But a lot of things that we see on the news are not the full story and if they are going to report something significant I want the whole entire story and the truth as well. I di at one time watch the news every day until
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Unformatted text preview: my husband came back from the first war Dessert Storm. After he returned I then found out that what the News Media was covering was all hog wash. There were a lot of fact but there was so much more going on that any one knew about, and I am so thankful he made it home alive. When I do watch the news, I usually only watch the weather and what is happening around locally, if there is something important I need to know it will be on my home page or my mother will call and tell me I need to watch the news....
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