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Wk8DQ1 - appropriate for children I do not think these...

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After reviewing Bill Goodykoontz video on morality and ethics in pop culture I have to agree with him that morality cannot be regulated it cannot be imposed really with some acceptance and I think that the audience member is going to see what they want to see. I personally do not like to watch someone being beheaded not on television, a movie, and especially in real life. I tend to watch movies that are more comical or romantic. “Girlie movies” My husband enjoys watching action movies, where they are fine to watch if the movie it self is not gory or evil, I feel my blood pressure rise when I watch movies that are violent, I do not allow my children to watch them because they are not
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Unformatted text preview: appropriate for children. I do not think these types of movies could change someone’s morals or values. If someone wants to watch those types of movies that is fine but if you do not want to watch them that also is fine. Movies are for entertainment purposes not to build one’s character or teach them morals and values; that is the parent’s job. It is all about freedom of speech and if you do not want to watch something do not buy it or turn it on the television. Everyone has different interests and they should be able to express themselves however they chose to do so as long as it is not hurting anyone....
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