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I definitely think that blogging and texting has an effect on a student’s academic writing quality. Texting these days is a major way for communication between teenagers, young adults, and now more of the older generation as well. I do not see many teenagers use a telephone to talk with their peers, I do however see them text a great deal. My daughter in just two weeks and over 25,000 texts and not once did I see her actually talk on the phone. I think texting and blogging effects the quality in writing as
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Unformatted text preview: well in the real world, because children and or teenagers will not know how to properly communicate with someone face to face and when they do they say things like LOL or OMG the same way they text and blog. I do text when I do not feel like having a long conversation on the phone and I use abbreviations, I also use them when I am writing. However, I use more of a shorthand which is pretty similar and I only do this when I am writing rough drafts or notes to myself because I do not like to look ignorant....
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