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In this week’s video “The Best of Media,” Bill Goodykoontz’s talks about popular culture and media and how it has become an easy target for people to criticize. I do agree that movies and television shows as well as musicians are an easy target for people to criticize. There are many entertaining movies and television shows. There are comedies, romances, horror flicks, action movies, and dramas. I have noticed that action movies tend to get a lot of criticism because of the violence and sexual content. If a person does not want to watch violence or movies with sexual content, then do not go
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Unformatted text preview: see them, rent, or buy them. Music gets blamed for people’s suicides, drug addiction’s, etc. I do not think that is at all fair. The person with such problem already had a problem or addiction and is just looking for an escape goat. I do not watch much television; however two examples of media sources that I find entertaining are the History Channel and the Discovery Channel. They are both entertaining and you can learn from them....
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