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Comm 392 – Study Guide Chapter 6 – Measurement 1. Measurement includes the device/instrument (including the construction of categories), how it is used (an issue of operationalization), the skill of the person doing the measuring (an issue of training), and the skill/attribute being described/ measured. Discuss how standardization affects each of these four factors. 2. What three types of comparison can be made when variables are standardized? 3. When data are termed “discrete,” what does that mean? How do discrete data differ from continuous level (quantitative) data? 4. What is nominal data? When you use nominal data, what three characteristics must be achieved? 5. What are the three types of continuous level data? 6. What three things must you remember about ordinal data? Why are ordinal data used less frequently in communication research?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Describe the difference between a Likert/Likert-type scale and a semantic differential scale. 8. What is the difference between interval and ratio data? 9. Generally speaking, what is validity in measurement? 10. Briefly define face validity, content validity, criterion-related validity, concurrent validity, predictive validity, and construct validity. 11. Generally speaking, what is reliability in measurement? 12. Briefly define the three primary types of reliability. 13. What kinds of validity errors can occur in data collection? 14. Why are issues of sample representativeness tied to external validity? Give an example. 15. What kinds of issues occur in data interpretation? 16. As a consumer of research, what kinds of questions should you be asking about research you read?...
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