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1 Winter 2008 Physics 6B Guoqing Wu Sample Exam for the First Midterm Remarks: 1) Review section is on Friday, Jan. 25 (6-8pm in the same classroom). 2) The 1st midterm exam is on Jan. 28 in class (1 h). 3) The real exam will be similar to this sample, but much shorter . 4) For learning/practice convenience, you can turn in your HW #2 on the exam day (Jan. 28). 5) In our exams, some original formula will be listed so that you can feel free to use. How to prepare foe exams: a) Try to solve this sample exam without opening the textbook or note first. b) If you cannot solve quickly (straightforwardly), it simply means that you are missing some points. Thus you need read the lecture notes/example solutions or textbook chapters carefully. c) If you have math problem (often you can not solve the problems because your background knowledge/preparations in math is weak, like sin( α - π /2) = - cos α , or cos( α + π /2) = - sin α , or the corresponding derivatives, etc.), you need read the Appendix of the textbook. d) Try to finish by the review session on Friday, Jan. 25.
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2 1 . Let’s explore a simple spring-mass system first, as shown in Fig. 1, the spring k is connected to a mass m . Any friction is neglected. The position x = 0 is the equilibrium point of the system. At t = 0, x = - A and υ = 0 (i.e., the spring is compressed and released from rest). Here A is the oscillation amplitude, i.e, the maximum value of x ( A > 0 as always. Here it is a known value. The values for k and m are known also.). m
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sample_exam-6B-midterm__1 - Winter 2008 Physics 6B Guoqing...

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