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Chapter 4 – Introduction to Qualitative Research 1. What are the characteristics of qualitative research (pp.59-60)? 2. What are the qualitative methodologies that Keyton includes in her text (p. 59)? 3. What does inductive analysis mean to the qualitative researcher? 4. What does Keyton mean when she says that qualitative research is nonlinear? How does the research process for a qualitative study differ from a quantitative approach? 5. What is intersubjectivity and subjectivity? 6. Briefly describe the four characteristics that most qualitative methods share. 7. Briefly describe the steps involved in inductive analysis of qualitative data. 8. Instead of validity and reliability, the qualitative researcher is concerned with credibility. Explain how different kinds of triangulation can increase research credibility. What is a member check? 9. What two reasons does Keyton give for the use of research questions in qualitative
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Unformatted text preview: research? Briefly explain the importance of specific word choice in those research questions. 10. Suppose a researcher were to study a co-curricular group that you have membership in. Give some examples of microlevel, midlevel, and macrolevel evidence that he/she might examine. 11. What kinds of questions lend themselves to qualitative inquiry? 12. What are the three ways that qualitative researchers use to interpret meaning? 13. Describe the three advantages of qualitative research. 14. Identify the four general limitations of qualitative research. 15. Describe the four threats to credibility in qualitative research. 16. Keyton says that comparison of quantitative and qualitative research is useful not to prove which is “best” but to understand key differences and similarities. What are the five key differences she outlines? What are the two key similarities?...
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