Physics_6B-homework_assinment_3 - [please write down your...

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Homework assignment #3 Physics 6B (LEC 3)-Guoqing Wu-Winter 2008 Problems Chapter 14: Superposition and standing wave 3 5 15 16 -------------------------------- Bonus problems: 9* 14* Due: 02/4/2008 Name: ______________________________________________ UID:________________________________________________ Discussion section number: _______________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: [please write down your section number for your pick up convenience (the number is like 3C 55, where “3C” is your discussion section number and “55” is the number given by the HW grader, as shown in the cover page of your earlier HW)] Homework grade: __________________________________...
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This note was uploaded on 01/24/2011 for the course PHYSICS 6b taught by Professor Gruner during the Winter '10 term at UCLA.

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Physics_6B-homework_assinment_3 - [please write down your...

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