networking-questions - 1. LANs are more faster and have...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. LANs are more faster and have smaller error than WANs Because : the network computers are closed to one another.----------------------------------------------------------- 2. LANs require high quality cables . Due to such high speed of LANs, high quality cables are needed (such as twisted pairs, coaxial cables, and fiber optics). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Server based network is more secured than the peer-to-peer one . Because in server based networks there is one administrator sets the rights to the network clients.----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. The connectionless service is usually faster than the connection- oriented one . Because : there is no handshaking procedure prior to sending the Data hence, data can be derived sooner.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Connection oriented service introduces a reliable data transfer. Because of : 1-Using the handshaking procedure (hosts send each others control packets before sending the actual data packets). 2-The handshaking procedure insures that both hosts are up before sending the actual data packets----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. The Peer-to-Peer model is unsuitable for large networks . Because : as the network increases in size, the following problems may arise: * The distributed management for the network resources consumes both time and efforts. * Keeping the network security will be increasingly difficult. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. It is not applicable to use many barrel connectors along the same line in the bus topology. Because : 1) connectors weaken the signal (one continuous cable is more preferred)....
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networking-questions - 1. LANs are more faster and have...

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