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EE256-Numerical Electromagnetics H. O. #2 Marshall June 24, 2008 Summer 2008 SCHEDULE DATE TOPIC READING COMMENTS 24 June (T) Notes, Ch. 1 HW 1 out 26 June (Th) Partial Differential Equations and Physical Systems Notes, Ch. 2 01 July (T) Finite Difference Solutions of the Convection Equation Notes, Sec 3.1-3.5 03 July (Th) The FDTD Grid and the Yee Algorithm Notes, Sec 3.6 08 July (T) Numerical Stability of Finite Difference Methods Notes, Sec 4.7-4.8 HW 1 due, 2 out 10 July (Th) Numerical Dispersion and Dissipation (Diffusion) Notes, Sec 4.1-4.6 15 July (T) Incident Wave Source Conditions; TF/SF Notes, Sec 5.1-5.11 Project Proposals Due 17 July (Th) Absorbing Boundary Conditions Notes, Sec 6.1-6.6 HW 2 due, 3 out 22 July (T)
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Unformatted text preview: Waves in Lossy Media Notes Projects OK'd 24 July (Th) Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) method Notes, Sec 7.1-7.3 29 July (T) Uniaxial PML method; PML for dispersive and conductive media Notes, Sec 7.4-7.11 HW 3 due, 4 out 31 July (Th) FDTD Modeling in Dispersive materials Notes, Sec 9.1-9.4 05 Aug (T) Anisotropic/nonlinear materials Notes, Sec. 9.5 07 Aug (Th) Alternating-Direction-Implicit FDTD Method Notes, Sec 4.10 12 Aug (T) Fine geometrical features and other topics Notes, Sec 10.1-10.7 HW 4 due 14 Aug (Th) Applications, other topics Notes 16 Aug (Sat) PROJECT DUE 5 PM * Reading refers to Lecture Notes or Sections from A. Taflove and S. Hagness, Computational Electrodynamics...
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