Assighment 1 for Module 1 (18 Active Listening Skills)

Assighment 1 for Module 1 (18 Active Listening Skills) -...

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Active Listening Skills Inventory The total score that I received for active listening was 49/79 however I am not too sure if I believe the score was accurate. The study used 5 dimensions of active listening which are as follows: avoiding, postponing evaluation, showing interest, marinating interest and organizing information. Out of the five I scored the highest markings meaning either frequently or always on the following areas: postponing evaluation and showing maintaining and interest, which I agree with. And I also agree with that I do tend to avoid situations if I feel uncomfortable and I need to work on that. However what I didn’t agree with was the organizing information, as I believe I stronger in this area. However because I know these individuals are well informed and may see something different that want I currently see within myself, I will try my best to work on this area of my life Appreciating and Valuing Diversity The total score that I received for Appreciating and Valuing Diversity was a 42/50. The feedback indicates that “I understand the importance of the valuing of diversity an exhibit behaviors that support your appreciation of diversity” I agree with this assessment as growing up in Jamaica and moving over to America at a tender age of 7 I understood how difficult the transition was. Even at that age I felt as an outcast to my classmates and peers due to the vast difference in culture. Which is why today I have empathy towards out of towners and I lend extra attention to people who face cultural barriers, because I faced them once and there not fun. Assessing How Personality Type Impacts Your Goal-Setting Skills This was pretty interesting, in answering the questions I really thought they where way off and I thought that at the end of this assessment that my personality type would be not what I personally believe it to be. However I was wrong. According to the feedback, my personality core was “white” which meant peaceful. My wife, friends and family always thought that I am a peaceful and calm person. It also mentioned that I am a goal setter, which I believe because one of my goals is achieving my MBA! Assessing Your Creativity Quotient This assessment was a great one as well, my hope and aspirations is to be a director of marketing and sales at luxury hotel. As such my emphasis and concentration in obtaining my MBA is marketing. Which is why I had great fun with this assessment, I scored a 39/48. I hoped to have scored better as the higher the number the higher the inclination of you being a creative
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individual. Because I would like to be a successful marketer one day I took notes on the tips of “common blocks that inhibit creative thinking” To name a few self-discouragement, over-reliance and lack of effort. And because these are very real and common issues with marketing a product I will take close to heart the solutions that are offered in fixing these common problems. Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence
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Assighment 1 for Module 1 (18 Active Listening Skills) -...

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