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Module 2 DQ 2 - What are the five silent languages that...

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What are the five silent languages that provide insight into the cultures of different nations? How can an understanding of these languages assist in the development of better organizational behavior? The silent language model by Edward T is made up of Time, Space, Materialism/Possessions, Friendships, and Agreements. Understanding these five languages can definitely assist in the development of better organizational behavior in many ways. With the issue of time it relates to deadlines, if all the employees including management are on the same page all of the goals of an organization can be accomplished. In regards to space I believe it’s correlated to each individual’s culture as mentioned in the readings, as each individual has personal space limits. To improve the OB in this area I believe studying each employee’s culture can help a lot with this. For example Asians enjoy close to close interaction while Americans go by the rule of thumb of an arms length apart.
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