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To be completely honest I disagree, growing up I was always a victim of a set stereotype. Because of my belief and personal injury of being a victim of stereotyping I choose to not judge a person by the cover but to actually turn the page to get to know more about them. In the different managerial staff I belief they would fall into the Galatea category, as to reach that position they have to have had set high expectations for themselves to become who they are today. For me personally at times I feel as if I am a victim of the Golem effect. Entering the work force as a minority at times I feel I already have that over me and that even without exhibiting an error management securitizes my work. Due to my personal belief I chose to
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Unformatted text preview: turn the otter cheek and continue to work diligently not to prove a point but to serve my true master. In the appropriate situation I encourage my fellow workers who slip into this category by encouraging them to keep working hard. With the Pygmalion effect again for me personally this is shown in management where because they have to perform their task and duty of a manager they tend to live up to what’s expected of them. Which is why whenever I have a problem with the computer or issue with the customer I bring it to my managers attention as this is when his experience comes into play....
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