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case study 152 l'oreal - Paul Czerwyn S Montefalcon...

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Paul Czerwyn S. Montefalcon 2005-47649 Case Study: L'Oreal: An Image Makeover in India 1. In Indian market, L'Oreal divided their products into three which are consumer, professional, active cosmetics and luxury products. This division indicates the pricing of the L'Oreal products. The company's products for women are for skin care, hair care, hair color and cosmetics. While products for men are for skin care, hair care and styling. L'Oreal also manufactures products for kids like Hair Care, shampoos of 3 flavors which are "Very Berry strawberry shampoo"; "Cheeky cherry shampoo"; and "Tropical Mango shampoo." L'Oreal also established salons. 2. L'Oreal products were limited to urban areas. Their products were not that affordable for the remote areas. The company are having difficulties of pushing their products to remote areas. Their competitors, which offers cheaper products, dominates more. With this, L'Oreal introduced new products but not "poor products". They reduced the formulation of their products like shampoo by removing some polymers on it. The
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