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case study polaroid - Paul Czerwyn S Montefalcon 2005-47649...

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Paul Czerwyn S. Montefalcon 2005-47649 Case Study: Polaroid 1. In 1972, Polaroid launched the SX-70, the first fully integrated instant camera and film system, hailed by Fortune magazine as one of the greatest industrial inventions of the time. In achieving this amazing innovation, which made the cover of Life magazine, Polaroid also incurred a huge organisational and strategic cost. With the Polaroid's product development process called "skunkworks". Polaroid were pushing the boundaries of not only technology but of science itself. Then they had "blue sky" meetings, which focused on getting reactions to the sizes of the camera. With the Joshua's product development process, they had the team which has "think out of the box" approach. The aim is technological change of the company's product. They came up with low cost cameras, but with costly Polaroid films. I would predict that Joshua(Vision) won't be more successful than the traditional system. The process' all concern was the design, something new but the market potential is unknown. They are
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