Case study - 2 If I was a toy retailer first I should be aware of the media scene With the information I can gather form this I can forecast and

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Paul Czerwyn S. Montefalcon 2005-47649 Company Case: Mattel: Forecasting Child's Play 1. Mattel and other toy manufacturers should be aware of the seasons where toys are in demand on the market. One example is Christmas season, where toys are expected by the children as present. The toy manufacturers should also be aware on the media like TV, comics, movies. They should get in line with what the children most watch or subscribe in the media. When a movie is about to be launched, toy manufacturers should partner or contact the movie producer in able to generate toys of the characters in the movie. As well as in the TV scene, cartoons or anime who are top rated, toy manufacturers can rely on that facts. With these information, toy manufacturers like Mattel can decide which toys are to be produced and how many will they release.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. If I was a toy retailer, first, I should be aware of the media scene. With the information I can gather form this, I can forecast and decide what toys I will put in the toy store. I should also do researches about the comic scene, if I'm not a comic fan. I should also do some studies on toy trend on the market. Doing these, I can avoid having surplus of the toys. 3. If Mattel wanted to offer it toys in foreign markets, their forecasting should be changed by determining the population of the market where can they sell their toys. With their Barbie, they should calculate from the population data the number of female children. For their toy cars, where these cars can be collectibles, adult male can also be their market. They should study first what toys are in demand in the foreign market....
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