ie 153 case study 5 - Paul Czerwyn S. Montefalcon...

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Paul Czerwyn S. Montefalcon 2005-47649 Case Study: Shiseido: Rethinking the Future 1. Cosmetics shopping behavior of the consumers is affected by: Cultural - The behavior is affected by to what group of people the consumer belong. The stratified classification of the society (group with same values, interests and behavior) dictates how will the cosmetics in the market be priced and be presented to them. Social - Cosmetic shopping beahvior is affected by the status of a consumer. A person may not acquire cosmetics if his family is a conservative type. The behavior is influenced by the group where a consumer belongs. Cosmetics executives produces ads that will capture the thought of these families and groups. Personal - A person grows and matures. His physical attributes changes. He now needs aid that will freshen those attributes to keep him look young. He is looking for cosmetics. But, he may not consume cosmetics because he is a simple perosn. He may not also buy cosmetics for his job does not require cosmetics. The economy will affect his mind set on what things will he
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ie 153 case study 5 - Paul Czerwyn S. Montefalcon...

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