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5a - Taking into consideration the weight of the resin will...

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5a. The hull of the hovercraft will be built around a fiberglass structure. The materials involved in such construction, are foam, fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, and aluminum support tubing. The shape of the hull will be bullet shaped, with a length of 70cm, and a width of 40cm. The weight of the hull can be estimated. The fiberglass cloth used is a 3oz. per square yard weight. The total area of the hull is 1.58 square yards. So the weight of the total fiberglass used, is 4.74 oz.
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Unformatted text preview: Taking into consideration the weight of the resin will be the total weight will be roughly twice the weight of the cloth. So the total weight of the hull will be 9.47 oz. or just over a half a pound. The center of mass of the hull is lies along the longitudinal axis (40cm/2= 20cm) of the hovercraft, and will be located at point 33.488cm from the rear of the hovercraft (50cm/2= 25cm, [ ∫ x(400-x^2)^.5 0<x<20]/[ ∫ (400-x^2)^.5 0<x<20]= 8.488cm, 25+8.488cm= 33.488cm)...
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