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FLUID MECHANICS Pressure=Weight/Area=Mg/Ad 1/2density X Velocity of air^2 +difference in pressure= 1/2density X velocity^2 Q=hgap X perimeter (2 X difference in pressure/density of air)^(.5) Air density= 1.2kg/m^3 Effiency= watts output/ watts input Power= P X Q CIRCUITS AND POWER V=IR P= IV=I^2R=V^2/R
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Unformatted text preview: Voltage adds in series Resistance adds in series Parallel: (1/R+1/R)^(-1) DYNAMICS CONCEPTS Linear Motion Angular Motion F=ma torq= fd= I α If a is constant: if M= const. Df=Do+1/2at^2 θ f= θ o+ ϖ t-1/2 α t^2 Vf=Vo +at ϖ f= ϖ o+ α t M of disk= I= .5MR^2...
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