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C.J. Gorrell September 24,2008 Enes 100 1. a. Vout= Vin*(Rint/Rtot) Rint= 3.92k Rtot= 13.92k Vin=5v Vout= 1.408V b. Vout= Vin*(Rint/(Rint+ Ro)) 3.92/5v=(Rint/(Rint+ Ro)) Rint= 36.3k c. max-5v min-0v 2. a. current, control voltage, drain to source voltage, input capacitance, gate charge b. SI2315BDS-T1-E3 Family MOSFETs - Single Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss) 12V Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @
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